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Registration open for CA Acceleartor Program,

Leveraging CA's expertise in the container space, the team started with a clean slate, enabling their teams to focus on the problem from the perspective of the customer experience, rather than existing legacy tools.
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CA Technologies have announced registration open for its latest innovations stemming from the CA Accelerator program, beta program. The CA Accelerator incubations function like lean startups within the company, where internal innovators receive support and funding to develop and test new product ideas in the marketplace.

Utilizing open source technology as the foundation, the team is layered in machine learning to build a self-learning monitoring system capable of real-time intelligent alerting. The result of which was a cost-effective, fast-to-market solution for teams serious about container operations, particularly teams using Prometheus together with Kubernetes. was founded to solve the real problems experienced in monitoring and scaling containerized applications. With a strong demand for container management technology as machine learning and automation make their way into businesses, this is the fourth container-focused project born out of the CA Accelerator.    Read more…


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