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Fedora 25 beta now available for download

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Fedora 25 beta

Fedora 25 beta is now official. The Linux distribution is already favoured by many users who prefer a clean computing experience with choices of free and open source software.

The new Fedora version brings a large number of exciting things for Linux users. The distribution has implemented Wayland and GNOME 3.22 pre-release version. Also, there is the latest Docker 1.12 integration to help developers build and run containerised applications.

Fedora 25 beta additionally supports JavaScript engine Node.js 6.5. The much-awaited support of multiple Python version is also available in the distribution.

Matthew Miller, a project leader at Fedora, has published an official statement to describe the new additions and updates in Fedora 25 beta. Miller noted that among the host of new features, Wayland display server is considered to create a big impact on users. Wayland has officially replaced X11 system to introduce smoother and more user-friendly experience than the previous Fedora build.

Apart from the Wayland support, the pre-release version of GNOME 3.22 brings a whole lot of improvements to the distribution. Users can now rename multiple files, leverage newly designed keyboard and customisation options. The new version has also introduced Fedora Media Writer that makes it easier for users to find and download current Fedora release.

Existing users can download and install the Fedora 25 beta from the official website. Notably, the pre-release version is not recommended to be used on a production machine.



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