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NordVPN Launches a digital security tool

The Proxy Extension for Firefox will help protect the privacy and provide safe access to websites and services.
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NordVPN has just launched a new user friendly proxy extention tool for Mozilla Firefox. As a result, Firefox users will be able to secure their online activities and hide their IP address. The new proxy extension is extremely light and fast so users can switch between locations within seconds.

The Benefits of new Firefox extension:

Protecting your online identity. NordVPN encrypts Internet traffic and hides the user’s actual IP address.

Safe access to websites and services. The new extension for Firefox will help to safely access anyone’s favorite sites even if they are not protected by HTTPS. The NordVPN encrypts the browser’s traffic, and surfing becomes safe and private.

Data protection from IP hacks. Sensitive data, like passwords, credit card details and even a user’s current location may be visible to snoopers and cybercriminals. The NordVPN extension allows to ensure that one’s online identity stays hidden at all times, no matter what.

Shielding against ads and malware. The NordVPN extension for Firefox also has CyberSec feature. When enabled, it protects user from malware and blocks annoying pop-ups, auto-play ads and other advertisements.

NordVPN extension can be downloaded from the Firefox Web Store, and it will appear next to other Firefox extensions.  Read more…

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