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Fedora 25 Live ISOs now come with new Linux kernel

Fedora 25 with Linux kernel 4.11.3

The open source community has received the new version of Fedora 25 live ISO respins called F25-SELF2017. The updated Fedora ISOs are shipped with Linux kernel 4.11.3 and include various security fixes.

As Ben Williams from Fedora Respins-SIG project announced in a blog post, the latest Fedora build comes with a shortlog. The team has fixed security issues and updated the preloaded packages. Also, the new kernel brings system-level performance enhancements.

The updated Fedora packages are designed to save 800MB of disk space. Also, the new release is designed using a Livemedia-creator utility.

Fedora has shipped the F25-SELF2017 to all available flavours including Fedora 25 Workstation (GNOME), Xfce, Cinnamon, LXDE, MATE and SoaS (Sugaro-on-a-Stick) editions and Fedora 25 source DVD. Moreover, the latest development is in support of the forthcoming SouthEast Linuxfest conference.