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Four Fabulous Open Source Tools for Windows Sysadmins

This article is an effort to help systems administrators of Windows systems get to know about open source tools that work very well on...

Managing Enterprise Content and Documents Using Open Source Tools

Enterprise content management (ECM) is the technology used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organisational processes. ECM plays...

DevOps Series Hardening of Parabola

Every computer offers security measures to isolate it from outside attacks. In this 21st article in the DevOps series, we will learn how to...

How to Monitor and Manage Linux Processes

A program loaded into the memory of a Linux computer becomes a process. Processes need to be managed and monitored because they consume system...

Automating User Authentication with Authconfig

Modern computer infrastructure tends to consist of many machines, with multiple services running on them. Keeping local user accounts in sync on all these...

Get Acquainted with Docker Swarm

The use of Docker containerisation has become quite common, especially in production. Docker Swarm is a clustering and scheduling tool for Docker containers. With...

Top 10 Open Source Tools for Linux Systems Administrators

Linux systems administrators need a number of tools to keep their systems well-oiled and running smoothly at peak efficiency levels. Here is a set...

Encrypting Partitions Using LUKS

Sensitive data needs total protection. And there’s no better way of protecting your sensitive data than by encrypting it. This article is a tutorial...

The Best Tools for Backing Up Enterprise Data

To prevent a disastrous loss of data, regular backups are not only recommended but are de jure. From the many open source tools available...

Puppet Show: Automating UNIX Administration

A Puppet show can turn out to be real entertainment for UNIX administrators.