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Facebook Open Sources Two Tools to Simplify AI Model Optimization

Facebook uses these tools for optimizing Instagram’s back-end infrastructure and improving the response rates of user surveys. Facebook has launched two new open source AI...

Facebook AI Open-sources Tool for Faster Embeddings of Large Graphs

Facebook AI team is also releasing the first published embeddings of the full Wikidata graph of 50 million Wikipedia concepts, created using the new...

Facebook Open-Sources PyText – A NLP Modeling Framework Based on PyTorch

PyText addresses the often-conflicting requirements of enabling rapid experimentation and of serving models at scale.  Facebook AI Research is open-sourcing PyText, a deep-learning based natural-language-processing...

DeepLearning4j and PyTorch: Two Powerful Deep Learning Tools

This article gives an introduction to two free and open source tools for deep learning and knowledge discovery–DL4J and PyTorch. Machine learning (ML) is a...