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Bringing Some Order into a Collection of Photographs

In this article, the author shares tips on managing photographs using different Internet resources and Python programming. These days, it is very easy to let...

Integrate online documents editors, into a Python web app using ONLYOFFICE

ONLYOFFICE is an open-source collaborative office suite distributed under the terms of GNU AGPL v.3 license. It contains three editors for text documents, spreadsheets,...

Working with Data Analysis and Relational Databases in Python

Every day, we generate a huge volume of varied data, which in its raw state, does nothing but occupy space. However, if the data...

Interfacing Python with the SQLite Transactional Database Engine

SQLite is the world’s most widely installed database engine, deployed in application software such as browsers for local or client data storage. Being free...

An Introduction to TensorFlow Programming in Python

Deep learning is now widely used for the development of intelligent systems and has become a powerful tool for Big Data analysis. TensorFlow is...

Using Python Tools and Libraries for Blockchain Programming

With the ever increasing popularity of blockchain technology, it is inevitable that Python, with its powerful libraries, would find a place in blockchain programming....

VIPPOOL Releases Open Source Software to Develop Systems Using Blockchain

VIPPOOL clerk is a server-side application that offers functions as a normal web API and can be accessed more easily through VIPPOOL storage VIPPOOL Inc. announced...

TensorFlow Reveals Open Source MLIR for Rapid Machine Learning

MLIR, not a language like Python or C++, signifies an intermediate compilation stage between the machine code and higher-level languages Google’s engineers, who are working...

A Complete Guide to Python Web Frameworks

Web frameworks are code libraries that make Web development faster and easier. The versatile programming language, Python, has many Web frameworks like Django, Web2py,...

Database Programming in Python

For database programming, the Python DB API is a widely used module that provides a database application programming interface.