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Designing a Simple 3D Block Jumper Game

This is a tutorial on creating a block jumper game in 3D graphics programming using the first person perspective. This follows up on the...

Installing a Game on Ubuntu

Package Manager and Software Repository are the greatest strengths of Linux distribution. They allow you to download and install all new softwares on your...

Solving Sudoku with a Simple Algorithm

Sudoku, a puzzle game, is a popular pastime and even an addiction with some people. Its origins date back to French newspapers of the...

Using PhaserJS to Speed Up 2D Game Development

This tutorial will help you build a 2D platform arcade style game, using the PhaserJS framework, within a few minutes. PhaserJS is a popular, free...

Eight Top-of-the-Line Open Source Game Development Tools

The open source game development tools presented in this article give developers numerous options to explore and choose from, as per their requirements. Open source...

Make your controllers for any game using Arduino

  Nowadays, we have lots of game controllers that are improving the gaming experience over the years. There are number of factors responsible for a game...

Build a Multi-player Game Application in App Inventor 2

If you are eager to build a mobile app, there is no better application than App Inventor 2 to start you up. We have...

Google joins Facebook’s Open Compute Project

The Open Compute Project by Facebook was developed with the main aim of creating a community of companies who could share their data center...

Linux Game Review: Pingus

It has been scientifically proven that breaks at regular intervals increase productivity and there could be no better game (other than Desktop Towers Defense) other than Pingus to fit into that bracket. What more, Pingus is so addictive that it definitely manages to keep you rooted to your seat, scenario after scenario.

Linux Game Review: Extreme Tux Racer

After a hard day at work, you decide to relax and play a nice game on your Linux system. As you don't want anything too complex that could require a lot of attention, you decide to find a game that's simple and fun to play. That's when you decide to have some fun with Tux, sliding him down the mountains, catching fish, and performing tricks. Enter Extreme Tux Racer!