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A Brief Overview of Microservices

The microservices architecture is a design style for software applications, which depicts them as a suite of independent deployable services. Microservices is about decomposing...

What is the Singleton Design Pattern?

A Singleton design pattern ensures that only one instance of a class is created. Imagine a disorganised wardrobe with heaps of clothes in every section....

“My Love Affair with Freedom”

Wearing geeky eyewear, this dimple-chinned man looks content with his life. When asked about his sun sign, he mimes the sun with its rays,...

Top 10 UI Design Kits for iOS and Android Mobile Developers

There are many facets of mobile app development, and one of the most important ones that largely contributes to the success of a mobile...

Nasscom highlights importance of design for enterprises

While companies nowadays are focusing on upscaling their technology operations, National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) is planning to "catalyse the design...

Getting Started with an Open Source Circuit Simulator

Life can be a bit tough without all the electronic gadgets we have got used to. But making an electronic circuit work is even...

WACOM Launches Interactive and Multi-Touch Tablets with Bamboo

It has been a while that WACOM is noted as a leading tablet manufacturer, among the graphic designers. However, this is the first time they launched a series of products that could not just be used by the designers, but by the "aam junta" as well, with equal ease.

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