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Here’s The First Browser-based, Open Source Wallet for hbars

In the future, MyHbarWallet plans to offer support for hardware wallets, multi-signature accounts and Hedera's file service  MyHbarWallet has announced the official release of MyHbarWallet.com,...

Ethereum: Look Out for this Secure Cryptocurrency

Ethereum is the foundation for a new era of the Internet. According to its website, Ethereum will enable an Internet where money and payments...

The Top Open Source Cryptocurrency Wallets

The interest in cryptocurrencies has perked up with Facebook announcing its intention to venture into GlobalCoin, a cryptocurrency for payments, purchases and services on...

5 Practical Ways Bitcoin and Blockchain Can Impact Your Small Business

Lately the news channel and the newspapers have been loaded with the fundamentals of bitcoins as well as Blockchain technology; however, people have taken...

Blockchain Technology and Data Security: What You Need to Know

  Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies have received a lot of media attention over the past year. The systems, aimed at disrupting traditional financial technology...

CloakCoin unveils the world’s safest cryptocurrency

CloakCoin’s ENIGMA ensures full privacy combined with speed. By making ENIGMA freely available, CloakCoin now offers transparency to its community. Besides enabling transparency, it...