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Microsoft Puts Microsoft Teams for Linux For Public Preview

The company aims to get feedback from the community and improve it before making it generally available Microsoft said that it is dedicated...
APIs bridge between open source and SaaS

Linux Foundation Launches Automated Compliance Tooling Program

The ACT program will be headed by Google, VMware, and Siemens The project will have VMware-developed Tern inspection tool According to a report by...

Running Linux on Windows is Easy

Once thought of as rivals, circumstances have made Windows and Linux come together. The introduction of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) has made it...

How Linux Kernel Live Patching Works

Servers, systems or HPCs are meant to run on a 24x7x365 basis but due to critical security updates or OS updates, they have to...
GNU Compiler Collection

Copy an Entire GNU/Linux Installation and Make it Work

For various reasons, one may need to transfer an entire OS to a different system or an SSD. This seemingly difficult task has been...

Google Envisions Switching to Mainline Linux Kernel for Android

Android uses a custom forked version of the Linux Kernel Duplication of effort will be avoided between mainline kernel and Android's implementation Google revolutionised the smartphone...
What's Up In Linux Graphicstopia Lately

New Patches for Intel GPU drivers on Linux deliver TDP improvements

Intel iGPU drivers have been Open Source but unoptimised for TDP improvements compared to Proprietary platforms like Windows and Mac OS Soft-RC6 support...

DANOS is finally Open Source and under the Linux Foundation

DANOS is a network infrastructure Operating System AT&T and Linux Foundation have finally joined forces to achieve the goal of providing a powerful...

Open Invention Network Collaborates With IBM, Linux Foundation and Microsoft to Protect Open Source...

Open Invention Network is funded by Google, IBM, NEC, Philips, Red Hat, Sony, SUSE and Toyota The group will support Unified Patents’ Open...
Google Keyboard

Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Work in Linux

Manipulating the mouse, keyboard and menus takes up a lot of our time, which could be saved by using keyboard shortcuts. These not only...