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The author is an 18-year-old, studying for a BE in electrical and electronics engineering from Meenakshi Sundararajan College, Chennai. He loves tweaking anything that's tweakable (software and electronics) and when he's not doing that, you'll find him spreading the work about Linux.

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Hackfest @ Shaastra ’09, IIT Madras

I was never into coding/development for FOSS. Though I had decent coding skills in some languages, I had never gotten the opportunity to develop mainstream FOSS. When I was told about HackFest at Shaastra ’09, I decided to give the event a try.

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Arch Linux: The Ideal Geek Distro?

Inspired by CRUX and started in March 2002 by Judd Vinet, the Arch Linux project might have been a late entrant into the world of distros. But within a short span of time, it has gained lots of fans, users and contributors. Arch Linux, according to its website, is a minimalist distribution aimed at intermediate Linux users who are not afraid of the command line.