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The author has been working on systems software on the Linux kernel for seven years now. He considers himself to be fortunate enough to be accepted as the first off-site developer for the KVM team when he joined Qumranet in 2007. He's worked on a few interesting problems in KVM and is now part of the bigger virtualisation group in the Red Hat family.

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Virtualisation and Open Source: What Makes It the Right Match?

Virtualisation continues to be a buzzword. The idea isn’t new in itself; IBM mainframes have always had to have a hypervisor. It’s in the news now because even simple desktops can now act as virtual machine hosts. A lot of possibilities have opened up as a result. Let’s take a brief tour of what virtualisation means, in its classic sense, and look at why open source virtualisation is going to win.


KVM: Virtualisation, the Linux Way

KVM, the Kernel Virtual Machine monitor, was announced in late 2006, and was merged in Linus’ tree in December the same year. It has very quickly gained wide acceptance and adoption for being the most promising and capable virtualisation strategy on Linux. Though a very young project, new features are being added at a very brisk pace thanks to the interest taken by several companies and developers across the globe.