How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform for You?

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Being a blogger is a great way to get your voice heard while at the same time making sure that you are doing something that can earn you some extra money, or in some cases function as a primary source of income. That said, when it comes to blogging, like any job, what you need are tools that help you do your job with great efficiency. It is important that when you blog, you are spending time working with tools that bring out your best work. The good news is that when you are evaluating blogging platforms, it becomes fairly straightforward to find a platform that works out very well for you. Therefore, as you read through this guide, you will learn how to find a blogging platform that works best for your style and personality.

First though, you should know what a blogging platform is. There are many different types of blogging platforms, but essentially a blogging platform is a web-based program that allows you to write with clarity and efficiency while at the same time helping your blog get noticed by search engines and many other bots or crawlers that aggregate content. Now, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of blogging platforms out there, but fear not, if you learn more about blogging platforms on Makeawebsitehub, you will end up making a great decision on where your content should end up. There are plenty of ways to learn more about blogging platforms, but here are some things you need to know in order to make the most informed choice possible.

Website Design
There are plenty of things to consider when you decide to design your blog. Depending on the type of design you want, you could be looking at several different blogging platforms. Some of the platforms are more complex, for example, WordPress and Squarespace are two sites that allow a high degree of customization and you might need to know some code in order to make the most of each site’s capabilities. Then you have Weebly and Wix. These two platforms are more ready-made, meaning you have to do very little in order to have a nice-looking blog.

There are several other things that you need to do with your design as well. Do you wish to have a lot of menus? Are there other options you want for your readers? How about linking to other blogs? The design matters, and when you build a nice design that becomes inviting for your readers and thus makes it easier to enjoy your blog.

Price Point
There are several blogging platforms that have free sides attached to them and when they have that, what it means is you get some, but not all of the great features. WordPress is one of the sites that has a free nature to it, but as soon as you look to add extensions and other things to the site, there becomes cost associated with the platform. This is something that is not unique to WordPress, but many of the platforms, and the reality is that if you want something that will work out for you, then what you need to do is be willing to invest a bit in your blog.

That said, how much should you invest before you get a return on an investment? This is the hard part. What you need to do is take a look at your budget and make sure that you are investing what you can in your blog that does not break the bank at the same time. This budget is critical to your endeavor. You want to invest your money wisely, so find a blogging platform that gives you the most bang for your buck. This is what is essential for a great blog – when you invest wisely in the proper platform.

There are plenty of different blogging platforms that offer different features. WordPress is a great example because they offer lots of different themes and extensions for your site. The best part about WordPress is that there are so many of these themes and extensions you can choose the ones that are tailored for your site. If you are someone who likes to build your blog site with the most customization, then WordPress might be the right one for you because of the availability of all the different themes and extensions.

That said, for some people, there is a thing where there are too many options and that means making choices that seem intimidating. That is why smaller platforms like Wix and Weebly are ideal for many people. The idea is that users can go ahead and look in their marketplaces. This is something that is quite helpful. Squarespace also offers a lot of features as well, and there are plenty of other sites that have a similar commitment to giving you the tools you need for success.

Skill Level Required
For some people, they are quite skilled with site building and coding, and that means something like building their own blog is exciting and would be something that they would attack full bore. Other people find the process of building a blog site to be intimidating and are looking for something that has options for them so that they do not need to worry about code and all of that other stuff.
The reality is that whatever blog platform you choose has to match your skill level. WordPress is far more open than most, so you can find stuff that is automated for you or other themes and extensions that require you to code the site. This is a challenge that is invigorating for some. For others, it is quite scary. So, whatever you do, the goal is to find a platform that you are comfortable with. The key is to challenge yourself to build your skills, but not to do so in a way where you are completely overwhelmed and feel lost.


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