4 Tools That Replace Popular Education Apps


The academic world has adopted a lot of software to address persistent technical challenges by providing optimal online learning delivery. Educational institutions, as well, have strived to position services online and academic resources to bring the global community on board and awaken investors’ interest. Some of the listed here are free learning tools from different categories with capabilities of replacing popular commercial software. They offer matchless features incomparable with their closed source counterparts.

1. MoodleCloud
Moodle mostly emphasizes on students being the major contributing factor in learning. It makes it easier for both teachers and students to form a virtual classroom. By creating an account with them, they can Moodle within some minutes. MoodleCloud has an added advantage with its education web BigBlueButton, a conferencing system combined in all sessions that work well for virtual office hours and training meetings. It contains over 50-user cap, enough for most courses. MoodleCloud offers service perfect for teachers and students who require medium-sized Moodle course sites; once the class exceeds MoodleCloud’s limitations, it can move to a locally hosted Moodle server.

2. Grammar Checker
Whether you are crafting your CV, writing a blog, email, essay, or thesis, grammar is essential for the credibility of your content. Many students depend on Microsoft Word, which can only detect simple mistakes. Unlike online grammar check software, Microsoft Word doesn’t provide proper comma usage, punctuation, doesn’t offer good writing where you can replace weak adjectives, spell check words, minimize adverbs or even let you check your readability score for your text. However, with a free online grammar checker, your writing will be able to have error-free writing as you maintain a positive image in your writing. Some more benefits of grammar checker include;

  • It stores your personal dictionary such that it ignores or correct particular commonly used words (a personal adjustment that requires less attention)
  • Gives access to your past work
  • A native online app works perfectly enabling you to keep another tab open without having to worry about bookmarking

3. OwnCloud
With the current rampant data mining, sensitive sharing of third party data by application providers and commercials cloud, it’s necessary for educators to fix loopholes and tackle student privacy issues. Besides, the growing concern to protect student data, there is a need for a digital locker to stash teacher’s work and student projects.

A file-sharing server, ownCloud is a win-win for schools; it helps the user take back the ability to control their data. Through sync, clients file are available all web interfaces and major operating systems. ownCloud also features a browser-based editing tool, which is a collaborative document such as Google Docs and Etherpad, where colleagues and classmates can share documents privately. For the student with their ownCloud app, the teacher can share with them lectures, make notes, and store necessary contacts such as an address, phone, and email. They can also create a class schedule using ownCloud calendar where every student can gain access from any device.

4. Windows 10 Educational Games
Since math zone days, Microsoft has made significant improvements and is now offering incredibly exciting and competent games. Particularly now that children have internet skills, they can find games they like. It has been so crucial for Microsoft to raise its game, and it has done that impeccably. Children can now access games on phones and still play games on the app format. Microsoft 10 educational games have replaced video and TV games with informative yet entertaining games for kids. Hexagon Puzzle, for example, is among the best educational software and comprehensive puzzle children games available at Microsoft store. It activates the child’s sense of color, and it takes a little time for the kids to understand the rules of the game. Kids can also play with their friends making the game more entertaining.

Final Thoughts
Home scholars and teachers have embraced the use of education application software to be part of their educational core curriculum in various subjects. Many times, we hear replacements of LibreOffice or OpenOffice with Microsoft office or embracing Linux educational software by replacing Windows. However, open software is specifically designed to ease school life. New routines, the transition, and a long list of preparation can be a cumbersome task to both teachers and students; school management software helps to make learning stress free and fun.


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