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computer programming

Programming languages can be termed as the process in which a person called a programmer writes computer programs. It can also be defined as a set of instructions to facilitate specific actions. A computer understands this language and translates it into a form that can be read or understood by the human eye. It is divided into generations that are from the first generation to the fifth-generation programming languages.

There are four types of programming languages:

  • Python
  • C
  • C++
  • Java

Programming has helped a-lot in the development of new and diverse computational languages.

Computer Programming Uses in the Society and the World at Large

And these uses include:

  • Computer programming helps in developing programming languages that are used for transforming computing problems into instructions. This allows programmers to build source codes much quicker.
  • Programming languages have supported the development of the internet, which has brought people closer and made the world one.
  • Programming is one of the main stages of the software development process. Software development involves several steps, including programming, testing, bug fixing documenting, etc. A programmer has to know all the stages and also a specialized knowledge about one particular field.
  • Programming helps students to understand how to solve computing problems. As you develop more and more programs, your confidence level rises and boosts your educational exposure on programming.
  • As innovations come up, programmers are forced to cope up with these new technologies. Because technology is being used all over the world, clients need and want more natural ways to use technology. Programmers have been tasked with developing new ways of building software that can be used in the technology market to make it easier for these innovations to be used by people.

The rise of a more technological world has immensely influenced programming through the following ways:

The internet has been built on programming languages that the computer understands and in turn, creates a worldwide link through an informal network, e.g., Google, Wikipedia, and paper writing service companies. As the world and technology rise, it leads to the consumer wanting more straightforward means to get information and also a fast means of networking hence better services are leading to the high demand for assistance from the programmers.

Due to a rise in technology, programmers are on high demand for their services, and this leads to the need for well-trained and learned programming technicians due to the high demand for programs and applications by the consumer. This, in turn, builds and uplifts the programming sector.

In the past, people only made calls and sent messages. These were older ways of programming to convey information. But due to a rise in the technological industry, people have come up with ideas like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook. These applications need programmers for them to fix, create, and debug the programs, and this leads to better and new communication services from the specified uses. Due to the rise in technology and social needs, programmers have achieved better employment opportunities and made programming an essential requirement in the technological world.

Transport industry
By this, I mean cars of the future, trains of the future, and even airlines of the future. Companies like Tesla have taken programming to the next level. From vehicles that speak to you to cars that can drive by themselves, to name but a few. For that to be achieved, you need a programmer to create a primary interface and language that will link the car to the software and in turn, give feedback to the system. Without programmers, this would not be possible. The rise in the transport industry has been influenced tremendously by programming and technological advancements.

Author’s Note
Programming and the rise in technology go hand in hand. The more technology grows, the more the need to have programmers in the market.
Every discovery in the technology industry needs an application or program, thus leading to the boom in the programming and coding sector.


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