The Best Reasons To Use Enterprise Network Management Software


Your company has workers in the field all day every day. You have sent them out with tablets, phones, and minicomputers, but you need to connect these devices back to the home network. When you begin shopping for enterprise software, you will find that it should provide you with all five benefits listed below. You can reorganize your business, streamline all the things that you do, and reduce the headaches that come along with mobile device management.

1. Increased Security

When you begin shopping for Micro Focus enterprise network management software, you will improve security instantly. Devices that are not managed are inherently unsafe. The device becomes a security risk every time it logs on to a new WiFi network or it uses Bluetooth in a new place.

If a hacker wanted access to your network, they could hack a mobile device for each access. You may have staff members who use Bluetooth, and Bluetooth could cause security concerns for you. This is especially important if your company has a lot of sensitive information on each device.

2. Easier Workflow

Workflow improves instantly when all your mobile devices are connected. Your staff can access all their assignments, appointments, and numbers for the day. You can send messages to your staff, and you can check on their progress using the enterprise software. Your staff members can ask you questions through the system instead of sending emails that are too difficult to check. Plus, you can hand out only mobile devices so that your staff members are not carrying too many devices.

If your staff members need to communicate with each other to complete a project, they can share information with ease. You can load all your manuals and pricing charts so that your staff can access this information, and you can offer fast service to each customer. Your company can use its quick service and abundance of information as selling points for customers.

3. Your Staff Can Go Anywhere

Your staff can go anywhere while still working diligently. The phone, tablet, or computer that they are using will still receive all the information that you would get if you were in the office. You can send your staff on trips to work on behalf of the company, and they will have all the information that is required to handle big projects.

When your staff members need to present information to clients, they can pull that information from the cloud on their devices. This is a much easier way for you to store information, and you do not need to carry a massive laptop around. Plus, you can give everyone on your staff a mobile device instead of filling your office with clunky computers.

4. Lower Costs

The enterprise software that you use will instantly lower your costs. You save time when managing these devices because the software does so much of it for you. You do not lose money due to hacking, and you can create reports from the information on each device.

Your company will spend less time selling new services or products to customers, and you will find that the devices last longer because they are consistently updated. The software is updated online when the developer builds a new version, and you can hand out just one device to everyone on your staff. There is no need for you to spend extra money on new devices, extra security software, or more man-hours.

5. Lower IT Demands

Your IT team is not swamped by the amount of activity on your network. When your IT demands are lower, your carbon footprint drops. The servers in your office will not work as hard as they once did, and you can easily upgrade your servers without bogging them down with information.

The enterprise system can clean up junk files on every device, and you will not need to hire extra people in the IT department just to manage these devices. It is very easy for you to maintain the IT network, and you will save money on hardware. If your company has a small budget, you need to use the enterprise system to cut back on costs.


It is very easy for you to install enterprise software when your company is using mobile devices every day. The best part of using enterprise software is that you can streamline what you do, only use mobile devices, and reduce your costs over time. You can send your staff into the field with mobile devices, and you also have the capacity to send information to your staff instead of forcing them to use papers all day every day. You can save money on devices, and you can maintain your system using the software instead of forcing your IT team to do all the work for you.


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