The Richest Man in History Shares his Thoughts: Jeff Bezos Top 5 Tips for Success


The story of Jeff Bezos and his immense success is not new, but it still can help the new generation of entrepreneurs and just young people to understand what it takes to become really successful in their field. Of course, you cannot just repeat what Bezos did and get the same result, but you can surely listen to some of Jeff Bezos advice and start your own unique path to prosperity. Brad Stone, the author of the book called The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, shares some of Bezos’ tips and ideas on what makes up for a successful business, so follow along:

1. Gather the Best People in Your Team
Whether you are working on a team project in school or hiring people for your new business, you probably know how important it is to have reliable people in your team. Sharing some thoughts on Jeff Bezos success, we must also remember about the Two Pizza rule he introduced. As Bezos believes, the perfect size of the team is the one you can feed with two pizzas. Of course, there are more people than that working for Amazon, but they are all divided into smaller teams that consist of highly professional people. So, if you strive for success, make sure that you are surrounded by the best people equipped for the task you are up to.

2. Learn From Mistakes
We all make them; mistakes are unfortunate but important for all of us, and the best thing you can do with your mistake is to learn from it. Let’s say you are writing an essay and it does not go as well as you thought it would. Your professor does not like, and you get a low grade. Your choice is to either keep up with what you did before and fail again or to learn from it. Find some free essay sample, go through it, make notes, use some assistance service, and craft a professional essay that will stun your professor. So, whenever you make a mistake, and there’s nothing you can do to promptly fix it — make it your teacher, that’s one of Amazon’s CEO tips we want you to remember.

3. Be Brave
While it might seem like an obvious tip, many students and young entrepreneurs get it wrong. If you are trying to do something new, let’s say start a business or just write some new essay, experimenting will be an integral part of your task. Experiments might fail, of course, but even if your experiment fails to deliver a desirable result, it is still going to be something new, something previously unseen. This is the best part of creating something new: you never know what you’ll end up with. And if you are brave, you are going to experiment on and on until one of your experiments brings you success and money. So, whether we talk writing your essays or starting a new business — you must be brave and ready to face both success and failure.

4. Be Firm and Patient
Braveness alone is not enough because even the bravest of us fail to achieve desired goals. So, the trick here is to be patient and keep pushing until you make it. If you are brave enough to start a new business or whatever it is new that you are planning to do, then you must also be patient and firm to withstand a potential failure. Many try and give up after the very first time they fail, and only a few like Jeff Bezos keep on pushing on until they reach their goals. Starting anew is always hard, especially if you have a couple of failures behind, some people lose faith in themselves and stop trying, so you must be firm in your desire to achieve success in life. Whatever you do and whatever challenges you face — keep on chasing your goal until you catch it.

5. Think Big
This very phrase might sound like a sort of cliche to some people, but if you start to comprehend what stands behind these words, it might make sense. When Bezos started his online retail service, his idea was not just to sell things, but to become the best retailer in the world. He accomplished his task brilliantly, and all of his achievements were only possible because he thought big. Bezos did not want to merely run business and make money, he wanted his company to be the best thing in the world. Over the years, he built a business empire that reflects the concept of thinking big at its best.

Wrap Up
Of course, following this set of advice does not automatically make you a billionaire, but it might surely help on your way to achieving even some minor goals. Only a few of us will be able to become as successful as Jeff Bezos, and it might be you, why not? Just keep on pushing, be brave, learn from your mistakes, think big, and try to surround yourself with the best people. These are the top advice from the world’s richest men, so you might want to follow some of them in your daily life. Go ahead and strive for success, and maybe in a couple of years, someone will ask for your advice on how to reach success and become a billionaire.


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