6 Fintech Startups That Are Revolutionizing the Finance Space


Financial technology “FinTech” is rapidly changing the way people all over the world interact with finances. This includes transactions, trading currencies, borrowing, or even obtaining business capital. Gone are the days when getting access to cash for various uses required changing a lot of hands or took days. Below are six fintech companies that are making a difference in people’s lives.


This startup is shaking payment systems by eliminating the many partners needed to facilitate online payments. The company employs white-label technology to cover all activities required in payments processes, making them simpler.

In this way, MANGOPAY also enables new startups to get a leg up in the market by covering the often daunting process of account opening and connecting to financial services. It also simplifies payment processes for companies with intricate payment processes which traditional payment channels cannot handle. An example is the online farmers market The Food Assembly, which now has a shorter and more convenient supply chain favorable to farmers, customers, and communities.


Bitcoin owners can now access the currency easier and keep it more securely, thanks to Xapo. Since it’s a virtual currency, many investors fear that their accounts might be hacked, and the company eases those fears by providing ‘vaults’ for them to secure their money.

These vaults are in the form of offline encrypted servers located around the world that permit access only by biometric identification. On top of that, the servers have round the clock video surveillance together with armed personnel. Xapo has also revolutionized payments by introducing a debit card backed to the Xapo Wallet that will allow users to use it as a standard debit card.


Kantox is a multinational company that provides foreign currency exchange and international payment services for small businesses and individual customers. Its platform is designed to help clients gain more control over their currency transactions.

Its foreign currency solutions include a free forex demo account to practice your forex trading skills, managing currency risks by the provision of hedging tools, etc. it also provides access to over 130 currencies including exotics like the Colombian Peso, The South Korean Won, the Djibouti Franc and many more.


TransferWise is an online transfer service that allows users to transfer money abroad in fast and affordably. In fact, the platform can save you up to 90% of the traditional bank charges. The service is a hit among expatriates and global travelers. TransferWise excels in the international money transfer space in these ways:

You can send money overseas at a cost eight times cheaper than with your local bank
There are no hidden costs like a rise in exchange rates – all transaction charges are transparent
Internal money transfers are finalized within 24 hours, mostly in mere seconds, compared with the three or more days for mainstream banks
Money is sent directly to your recipient via their bank account
Both businesses and individuals can use the platform


Seedrs is a UK-based equity crowdfunding platform that makes it easier for startups and established companies to get funding. Unlike before, when it was difficult for aspiring entrepreneurs to kick start their businesses unless they had rich connections, Seedrs helps upcoming firms to get access to capital.

Seedrs has also opened a pathway for people who are interested in investing in the asset class. This is because the platform eliminates all the time and money requirements that were required to invest in companies before. With as little as 20, 500, or 1,000 pounds, anyone can now invest in an inspiring business. This is a testimony to why the platform has been so successful – it has so far raised over £210 million for more than 490 startups.


This is a fintech startup that enables small businesses to streamline the receipts and expenses payment function. It has partnered with reputable firms in the accounting space to design integrations to accounting packages, time tracking software, and other workflow solutions. With this, the company hopes to make all work functions as seamless and efficient as possible, allowing workers to focus energy on productive tasks.

Even if you’re just launching your business and you can’t yet afford a complex digital platform, you can still access Expensify’s freemium version. This allows you to keep an audit trail of your expenses without financial stress. Expensify also works with thousands of nonprofits to streamline their socially important work. This enables them to focus on their mission and spend less time on managing expenses.


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