How to Produce a More Compelling Trailer for an App

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Creating an app trailer can be a great way to promote your app and rake in more downloads. But if you want it to be effective, you trailer needs to be compelling enough that it actually convinces viewers that they want to use your app.

That is the key to produce a compelling app trailer – and there are a few areas you need to focus on to make it happen:

  • Focus on the benefits not the features

Listing out all the features in your app is not going to convince viewers to use it. Instead what you need to do is let viewers know how those features can benefit them.

Simply put your trailer should focus on how your app can be used and what viewers will gain from using it as well as the problems it could help them solve.

  • Plan out the trailer

Every good app trailer starts with a good plan – and yours should too. It is important that you have outlined the structure and come up with a script for your trailer before you record any video footage.

It may help to look at examples of good app trailers to get inspiration when you plan your own trailer.

  • Keep it short and be direct

The best app trailers are short and get to the point quickly. If your trailer is too long it is bound to lose most of its viewers, and won’t stand much chance of convincing them to use the app.

As a rule you should try to keep your trailer under a minute. For some platforms (e.g. social media) you may even want to come up with versions that are significantly shorter than that.

  • Show’ viewers what the app can do

Do not rely too much on a voiceover to ‘tell’ viewers what your app can do. Instead of that you should use the video itself to ‘show’ them its capabilities.

Not only is ‘showing’ viewers what the app can do using visuals much more interesting and compelling – but it is also more universal. It will let viewers who speak other languages understand what your app can do too.

  • Don’t leave out the call to action

The call to action is arguably the most important part of your app trailer. It is what will tell viewers what to do next and point them towards your app.

Be sure you don’t leave it out. In fact if possible you should strengthen the call to action to entice more viewers to head over to your app.

If you feel it is difficult to edit and create an app trailer you should try Movavi Video Editor. It is user-friendly and will let you easily create videos complete with background music, subtitles, special effects, filters, and more.

All in all if you focus on the areas listed above, you should end up with a far more compelling app trailer that you can publish on social media, your app listing, or anywhere else that you think it can help to convince viewers to use your app.


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