Basic Roles of AI to be looked out In 2019


These days when somebody asks What Is Artificial Intelligence, other people in the room look surprised as it is a concept that has been widely prevalent for quite some time be it in business, politics or in homes. AI or Artificial Intelligence especially machine learning was the talk of the town in 2018 but the concept will be gaining more recognition in the upcoming 12 months. How organizations utilize AI, the augmented struggle for all data experts & the rise of digital workers with AI skills; everything will go through a major transformation in 2019.

Businesses these days are striving to find new ways of utilizing machine intelligence for engaging with clients & driving sales. For instance, AI powered by chatbots are quite popular these days & the way Facebook enhances the ad campaign results with AI.

As per recent surveys, 60% marketers have confirmed that AI happens to be a significant aspect amidst all their data strategies. Approximately 80% businesses are also extremely happy with it as it enhances productivity to a great extent. Most importantly, approximately 90% of Smartphone users currently are utilizing voice assistants that are AI powered.

Here are 5 important AI trends to watch for in the coming year.

Anticipated trends for the coming year
When it comes to Advantages of Artificial Intelligence, there are manifold as it not only does the physical work but in future it also might be doing the ‘thinking’ work such as making decisions & planning.
These are Best AI Trends In Business that will be beneficial for a lot of industries.

  • Speech recognition – Numerous speech recognition tools will be launched in 2019 as the previous year already is aware about how popular Amazon’s Alexa was. Approximately 64.6 million people in USA will be utilizing the technology of voice recognition along with many companies that will be withholding this particular AI trend. Not only this, but televisions can also be controlled by speech. This is one of the most valuable Applications Of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Image recognition – How Will Customer Service Change In The Future can be well understood with this trend. Computers will be able to acquire & analyze data just from visual sources with AI. Permitting photo analysis for payment completion, diagnosing diseases & detecting license plates are some benefits of this trend that can be seen. Businesses will be able scan videos & images from numerous pages over the web that will help them in placing suitable ads in the place where the correct audience is likely to see it.
  • Virtual agents – 2019 will be a year where all can explore the Artificial Intelligence Benefits To Society. It will be a year that will see much advancement in customer service powered by AI. Rather than only utilizing chatbots that can enhance sales leads to large extents, businesses can craft virtual agents as well that will include a character and a face to go with. Such agents will be able to handle more customers & various related tasks that will be in turn beneficial for the businesses.
  • Response automation through AI – Most businesses focus on decreasing their budget these days which is always not possible. For instance, to establish a call center office with training staff, the minimum infrastructure cost will come around $32000 & this is really a lot especially for startups. However, client service platforms that are enable by AI help in decreasing time & cost as the responses are then automated. Such pre-programmed Artificial Intelligence Systems are infused with a knowledge base that is domain specific. It requires training only once. The Artificial Intelligence Software can be reprogrammed as well if newer procedure changes are introduced.
  • Never-ending customer service & retail recommendations – AI enabled robots will be available 24/7 for resolving issues and customers will not need to wait for the holidays to get over. High-end service solutions & quick resolutions offered by the robots will be beneficial for businesses. On the other hand, among the Artificial Intelligence Examples, retail recommendations will largely be seen in the upcoming year. AI systems will be able to suggest products depending on browsing history & tone of the customers.

Bridging the gap
When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, Recent Trends In Business Analytics will also be observed. AI has the ability of analyzing massive data quantities that makes big data insights & analytics comprehensible to average users as well and not only data scientists. Machine intelligence is something that is enhancing every day in recognizing trends and is able to extract insights from complicated data and it is better that what humans are. Business organizations will largely be investing in this next-generation Artificial Intelligence Tools & Applications for automating all the processes.

Putting data into work
Among the Latest Artificial Intelligence Applications, Artificial Intelligence enables businesses to utilize every data to the competitive advantage. Harnessing the influence of the data that the various industries collect for identifying trends, crafting recommended actions and making sure that the actions are actually delivered to the end users in times of need becomes easier with AI. Business processes can be enhanced to large extents with AI applications. The companies that implement the system now will very soon discover themselves moving away from the competitors in the context of entire revenue generation & business performance.

In a nutshell
Apart from the upcoming AI trends that we learnt, businesses who have still not implemented the system must do it at once as then they can include a wide array of Smart technologies for reaping major rewards. How Will Customer Service Change In The Future due to AI is not unknown to businesses. Routine processes can be automated that will save money & time, faster decisions can be made depending on outputs taken from cognitive technologies, revenue can be increased with sale prospect maximization and a lot more are some of the benefits that businesses can experience. All that is required is willingness and the correct attitude to accept the new system.


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