Artificial Intelligence—Changing Lives


You probably know what artificial intelligence is. From tech giants like Zuckerberg to every layperson, couldn’t stop talking about what AI is and how it can impact human lives. The past year was all about definition and admiration of the widespread perspectives of AI, but this year AI will change your lives.

Scientists and technology geeks have been successful in making machines and automated devices that are the actual embodiment of all the concepts and visions of AI. This year researchers and scientists are striving to make AI mainstream.

The concept that computer devices and machines have some intelligence is not a unique one. Since the development of the very first computer by Alan Turing to desktop computers by Bill Gates, each one of them have tried to make these machines intelligent. Now with the concepts and principles of AI, the idea of an intelligent computer can finally be given the face of reality.

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence has changed the perspectives of human lives. Artificial intelligence is not all about filtering your spam emails and suggesting a good book, in some years AI will gain importance in every mundane and important task we do. Be it general domestic lives or business lives; AI is taking huge strides in the human lives.

Impacts of Artificial Intelligence in our everyday lives:
The discovery and development of artificial intelligence will be a story that will be told to our future generations for ages. AI is the future and what better future we can promise our future generation than a high-tech and fully automated future. Here’s how AI will impact our future lives:

  • Virtual assistant
    Virtual assistants keep getting smarter and better every day. From your daily life routine to your pantry storage, these personal virtual assistants know all about likes and dislikes. Not only these virtual assistants are helpful in domestic lives, but in business and corporate lives, these assistants help in improving your productivity and profitability. Voice-activated gadgets:
    With the increase in demand of voice-activation feature, most of the automated devices and virtual assistants are now voice-based. These personal voice-based gadgets are implanted in nearly every device. Be it a lamp or a TV or lights or laptops; people love saying out commands to their devices. However, with so many voice-based devices and assistants working together there is a high chance that the ultimate result of such diverse access can be nothing but a disaster.
  • Facial recognition
    It is clearly one of the biggest advancement in the field of technology. Facial recognition software and tools have already been used for security and biometrics purposes. With rapid evolution in AI, one can rightly say that in coming years your face will be your identity card, your credit card or your debit card. The capabilities of this facial recognition technology are boundless. Viewing this rapid growth, there is no denying that in a few years probably everybody will be shopping from online retail stores using their face as a credit card.
  • Talk of every corporate organization
    As artificial intelligence is becoming high in demand, it is important every business organization stays updated on its latest trends and developments. It is crucial that from CEO to every unit leader, each company employee should be aware of the role of AI in the modernization and innovation of the company.
  • Targeted media
    With the rapid developmental pace of AI, soon AI will be capable of generating ads and media according to the personal preference of every individual user. In the near future, you might even see apps that not only plays the latest music for you, but it also suggests new music collections and albums that are perfect for your music taste and preference.
    Some social media platforms even show advertisements that are relevant to only that type of user. These ads are filtered and then displayed to the targeted user which makes social media platforms perfect for business marketing and product promotion. By utilizing the services of the animation studio, you can acquire fines quality product promotional videos and ads.
  • Report writing
    AI is way more intelligent than household management. In the next few years, your market research reports, comparison reports and analysis reports, all will be written by AI automated machines and bots.
    The scientists and the creators are very close to making this possible, and the results of their efforts will not only benefit the business organizations and companies, but such automated bots and devices will have advantageous effects on electronic media as well.
  • Empathetic computers
    The way the computers respond to our queries has nothing to do with empathy and understanding. However, with the emergence of AI scientists are striving to make these bots and devices empathetic. Not only these devices will respond to our worries and questions rather they will we be able to do so by analyzing what we are doing or what we intend to do with the given a suggestion. The time is not far when machines will have empathy too, digital empathy.
  • Digitally intelligent doctors
    AI has made big advancements in the field of medicines. From doing an accurate diagnosis to performing successful surgeries in highly-efficient ways, there is no knowledge as to how much AI can or will change the field of medical sciences.
    Not only are these automated devices performing surgeries but scientists are also coming up with innovated devices which will act as ultimate pharmacists for people.
  • Benefitting business organizations
    Be it a medical field or a domestic life; society will keep on reaping benefits from AI. However, one of the biggest beneficiaries of this advanced technology is the business sector. Simply by using intelligent social media ads, not only these organizations can reach relevant customers but they can also save much money that is spent on marketing strategies and tactics.

AI is one of biggest and probably the only lifetime opportunity to explore and expand the human creativity and resourcefulness. However, most of the people are more concerned with the impact of increased automation on various job sectors. Many believe that AI will render several people jobless while the other half still considers AI to be nothing but an efficiency improver.


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