The Importance of Chatbots for Your Business


Chatbots is very popular and needed nowadays for your business. It means that you need to be available 24/7 for your customers. Learn more about bots and decide if you need it.

As a business owner, you are not always available to attend to clients or answer questions. You cannot be everywhere at every time, I like to think this is why chatbots were created. This form of artificial intelligence is advancing in popularity, bringing innovation to how business is being run today.

What are Chatbots? They are bots whose aim is to communicate with human users online in a way that simulates human interaction to help meet the human needs.

All around the world, businesses are beginning to see the importance of this technology. These bots focus on mining the information obtained from answering the client’s questions or imputed data in order to help the client.

These programs have been infused into popular social messaging platforms like Telegram, Facebook etc. which makes it easier to communicate with world since 75% of internet users make use of such platforms. Here are the importance of using chatbots for business.

They don’t Disappoint
Chatbots are very reliable, they are always available because they are connected to the internet, I mean what is a chatbot without internet connection? When programmed correctly they provide a perfect and constant link between you and the customer. Since chatbots are not clouded by human emotions but only simulate human response, they are quite intriguing to human users because they respond accurately and courteously.
The aim of the bot is usually to give you the best experience possible, so they have preset responses and answers to queries and questions According to Credence research the use of chatbots globally will increase immensely between 2016-2023.

They help cut down Operational cost
According to Gartner by 2020, 85% of client communications will be managed using chatbots and most mobile communications will be achieved by smart agents. Although this may seem like a negative effect seeing as the use of chatbot eliminate the use of human resources e.g. Customer services. But with the use of Chatbots, there is little or no need for the use of such personnel; and so, their expertise may be transferred as a while or to more tasking activities.

The use of chatbots, ensures that the business response system is constantly running even without the business is being opened e.g. Holidays which will be a very difficult task from any personnel during the holidays. Instead of getting people to not go on such holidays, the bots may be programmed to take care of some simple matter.

By using this, companies are able to cut down cost on personnel but rather invest more in the upgrades of chatbots which may be not so expensive.

Better Progressive Sales
The goal of the chatbot is to be the perfect customer service bot, therefore, it is targeted to meet consumer needs. Effectively developed chatbots from Sources like Acquire can be used to improve sales by programming better marketing strategies into the bots.

The bot spends more time attending to the customer and establishes a more personal connection providing them with trusty shopping advices based on the data from their preference and Purchase history. The bots have more time to spare (not like they can do anything else) guiding the customer to make informed choices.

The bots also target the users with notification, ads, or other options that may stir their interest based on its knowledge of customer behavior after which trust human habits and desires to do the rest. Narrative Science stated that 32% of company executives make use of voice recognition which makes it the most used AI technology. It provides and generates information that can be used in decision making and offering better services.

These bots are online which means they can be programmed to have a broader reach and clientele especially with its powerful connection to social media

Diversification and accessibility
The Bots are functional on different kinds of devices for almost any kind of business. From giving weather reports, guiding to available restaurants, to estimate for bra size, there is almost nothing these chatbots can’t do for you. They can function anywhere even as far as doing business in Canada.
Chatbots can even serve as response managers for a Canadian essay writing service company especially for students in Canada who need help with such. Chatbots can do almost anything even buy an essay online and that is why they are very useful. These smart agents recognize the customer for who they are and does not discriminate. It’s the modern day “mirror, mirror on the wall”.
They are present on different platforms, which makes them very easy to access. Some these platforms are:

  • Botsify
  • Amazon Lex BoxChat
  • DialogFlow Chatbot
  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • IBM Watson Chatbot.

There are many other chatbots that have been integrated into popular social media apps like Badoo, Facebook messenger and telegram.

Reliable Feedback
For you as the business owner the chatbots gather information and reports back progress and flaws which aid improvement. With this the business owner is able to gain insight into the preferences of the customer and serve them better. The Chatbots are programmed to give constant reports to the business owners.
Businesses cannot be left behind from the trends or else they run at loss. The use of chatbots is one of the recent trends not only in the world of artificial intelligence, but also in business. Although, there is the fear of being hacked and being misused, with the right encryption technology, you can be assured that your business is secure.


  1. I agree with the premise, but.. why only mention cloud services on an open source site? sure they work better than free open source options but the website is OpenSourceForU not ProprietaryCloudServicesForU. can you describe using open sourced software like tensorflow to build chatbots? it is more complicated but would be appropriate for this site. thanks

  2. Good post. Having a chatbot can definitely increase the revenue of a company. AI chatbot is the new way to increase the customer experience and reduce the customer service cost.


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