Installing a Game on Ubuntu

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Package Manager and Software Repository are the greatest strengths of Linux distribution. They allow you to download and install all new softwares on your system automatically, but there are always exceptional cases, the package manager cannot handle all the available softwares in a different domain. In such cases, you have to download and install the software manually.

Installing a software or a game manually on Microsoft Windows can be done easily with the help of emulators, but it is quite different in case of Ubuntu Linux. You can seek the necessary guidance from

If you want to know an easy way to install an open source software/game. Check the step by step process below.

Steps to Install an Open Source Game on Ubuntu Linux:

Let us consider one of the game of your choice that is not available in the default repository but offers a .deb file to install.

Step 1: The first step is to get the source code from Github. GitHub or any other resource of the version control system is the repository that provides the current source of the software along with all the modifications made to the software in past, or you can do it even in an alternate way that is to download the file of your favourite game not available on the app store through the browser. Make sure you download the correct file. The right file for Ubuntu Linux is one with .deb extension.

Step 2: The next step is to open the downloaded file and click on Accept and Install Button. Once you click on the button, you will be availed with two options. Either to save the file on the hard drive and install via command line, or the other way out is to open the file and instal it using the software installer. Not all files are supported with ‘open with’ option. If you do not get that option, the only way to install the file is using the command line.

Step 3: To install the file using the first option, save the file and run the installation by making use of command line. To do so, you need to carry out the following:

  • Open terminal and go the folder where you have kept the downloaded file.
  • Instal the game with the help of the command sudo dpkg ‘name of the file’*.deb.
  • You will receive a prompt, once received type your password and then hit enter from your keyboard.
  • It will trigger the installation process. Wait for the installation to be complete.

To install the file by making use of software installer

Open the default software installer in your Ubuntu Linux. Now, browse the downloads and open the game file with .deb extension. Once you open the file, you will get an option to install. As you click on the install button, it will prompt for your password. Enter your sudo user password and your game file is easily installed. Shut the installer and find your game on your dash.

Final Words:

It is much easier to instal the games on Linux based operating system. then you might have thought of. Follow the guide and give it a try.


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