Why Angular is the Best Framework


Angular is accepted for developing strong and labile Single Page Applications (SPA). The application structure is developed in JavaScript and uses markup language as a template language. It provides an alternative for the developers to make client-side applications. Angular is a framework developed and maintained by Google that makes it an assured and dependable code base to figure on.

Based on our expertise, we’ve got listed down the explanation to settle on angular for internet application development.

Faster Development

Angular contains several prepared created tools and parts that may scale back the event time, conjointly in every version release of angular it’s created easier and quicker.

MVC Framework

Angular implements MVC design to develop internet application. It provides a platform wherever solely few attributes must be added to the markup language language and progress with the event are quicker. It enhances markup language that makes all tough tasks move swimmingly. using MVC design helps in retrieving and inserting the data, independent of user interface. The controller acts as a bridge in establishing the affiliation between the view and model.

Two-way binding

Angular utilizes two-way data binding; the good thing about two-way data binding is that updates to the underlying data store happen automatically. once the data store updates, the UI updates further. this permits you to get rid of plenty of logic from the front-end display code, significantly once creating effective use of Angular’s declarative approach to UI presentation. In essence, it permits for true data encapsulation on the front-end, reducing the requirement to try and do complicated and damaging manipulation of the DOM.

Feature rich

Angular development is strong and straightforward. it’s has options like filters, data binding, scope management, directives, API client, form validation.  These options create the net applications more simple and easy to find and troubleshoot them.

Dependencies Handling

Angular makes it simple to rearrange things like dynamic loading and dependencies and utilize them as needed without fear regarding instances and namespaces. Angular can beware of the entire life cycle of the objects therefore handles dependencies in associate exceptional means.

Support from Google

Angular is secured by Google, hence acts as an excellent relief for the developers that they’d be engaged on a robust code base that may offer complete support to the application. Angular has its hands on by 2 best developers by Google hence it’s a reliable framework to rely on.

Ease to Test/ Testing created easier

An angular internet application is dampened into modules and sub components that makes every module simply testable and manageable.  The module separations facilitate in loading solely necessary services and take a look at them individually.


Angular is promising and an excellent option to develop internet applications. Angular features and therefore the Angular services mix to end in feature rich and high notch internet applications. It is built specifically to overcome the various limitations of existing technologies in one seamlessly integrated package.So here are the top reasons why Angular JS is preferably the better framework than others.


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