8 Tips That Ensure Your WordPress Website Runs Serene


A website is part of the initial phase on the path of growth as an ecommerce store. With the best strategies from the book, design ideas, and marketing strategies a website is formed from scratch. But the job doesn’t terminate at the stage of building the site. The post-construction maintenance is what keeps the continuity of the business. A regular management of your WordPress website keeps you in line with market trends essential for the growth of the business.

In order to maintain the credibility of your store, it is equally important to update the website. However, with WordPress, your maintenance task becomes a bit easier than any other platform. All you need is some insights on the tricks to manage the site for a better and smooth. With these 8 tips, you can ensure that your customers are engaged for a long period of time.

  • Run Backups

Having your data secured in a place other than the source is a huge relief. The same goes for website data and one should schedule timely backups. This prevents the data from being lost or stolen while under the attack of hackers. The backup time can be scheduled as per the business requirements.

The time of backup totally depends on how often your site is updated. In case your content goes live on weekly basis you can set up a weekly backup. For ecommerce stores, it is recommended to go through daily backups. This lets you keep track of daily orders placed and delivered.

In the world of Automation, there is no task which cannot be assisted with the help of a tool. Thus, you can run a backup on your WordPress site by using such tools and reduce any manual efforts.

  • Regular Updates

The whole agenda behind monitoring and maintaining a site is feeding it with regular updates. Like fashion, the website trends are also revamped for a better consumer experience. With technological developments, the market is introduced with new themes, plugins, and extensions. The emerging websites can get a hold on these updates, so the existing ecommerce stores should also seize the opportunity.

The different version of WordPress updates also helps in securing the site from hackers. Being one of the most popular CMS platforms, it is a common target for the hackers. Owing to this reason, every 6 months WordPress releases a new version. Every time the version comes with a better security update.

  • Remove remote themes and plugins

Remotes themes and plugins can affect the visual appearance of the website. Not only this but it can have a rigorous impact on the security features of the site. The hackers can crack the website using the source code of old plugins. Thus, the recommendation says that one should dump the remote version, both for display and security reason.

Also, new plugins might have better things to offer which was not present in the previous version. Anything that makes the user-experience easy should be part of the website. Lastly, make sure that the plugins being used are updated regularly. If not, then it is time to say goodbye to the old resources.

  • Repair Broken Links

Broken links definitely do not have a positive impact on the users. 404 error flashing in front of them is one of the annoying experience of all time. The least a user expects is that the website they are looking for is actually broken. Not only this reduces your conversion rate but also impacts the SEO results.

This makes it clear that a website needs to analyzed for all the links present within. The efficiency of the website will increase substantially. This is a clear result of timely reporting and fixing of the broken links.

  • Justify Comments

Comments from the user hold a great impact for building an image of any business entity. Whether it a word of mouth or posts, written on the review page. There are 3 different ways in which one can address the comments on their website, accepting unattended comments, answering and reporting them as spam.

When you have a review page it becomes a sign of obligation to address the comments on time. The responses assure that business owners are eager to accept responsibilities. Removing the spam comments is also an important part of justifying comments. It keeps the conversation going and avoids creating a bad impact on visitors.

  • Tracking On-page SEO

A website is said to be moving progressively when it gains the approval of Google ranking. Which can be duly achieved by practicing SEO tactics regularly. There is no stability when it comes to SEO trends and thus website needs to keep a regular check on those changes. As WordPress is known to be highly SEO-friendly, optimizing on-page credentials becomes a mandatory task.

To maintain on-page SEO, it is necessary to optimize images, add links to the content, keep the meta description updated. Also, make sure that keywords associated with the content are tracked in the first 100 words. The density and position of keywords improve the possibility of higher ranking.

  • Website Performance

One of the most common practices is to check how well the website is serving its customers. No matter how common, checking the functionality always helps in pointing out necessary improvements. Reviewing the website performance like going through all the stages of the site from creation to execution. However, 3 essential things are analysed in depth:

  • Verify Compatibility

Deliver what you promise. If your website claims to be working on all platforms like desktop and mobile phones, make sure it actually does. Check if your store is compatible with different browsers. Get a hand on server issues, if there are any and repair them to restore the compatibility feature.

  • Check For Navigation

It is very important that your customers experience a safe and easy browsing. Thus, make sure that the functions of the website are smooth and re-examine whether all the links in the website are directed towards the desired page.

  • Renew Contact Forms

Contact form bridges the communication gap between the merchant and the customer. By keeping a regular check on form plugins, you can make sure if the versions are working according to the specified update.

  • Look For Website Traffic

The website traffic indicates the level of market reach and popularity your business has among that market. Traffic analytics is the key solution to determine all over trends running inside your business website. Especially for an ecommerce site, this tool is highly beneficially. It can help the owners track where conversion is landing and where it is lost.

The graph of web traffic tells about the progress of the business. You can find where exactly the site is facing the loophole and fix it within no time. On the other hand, the positive impacts known can be used to improve other parts of the site.

Wrapping Up

The above list is not conclusive and technology is wider than anyone can imagine, which allows people to pitch in new ideas every day. No matter how many different strategies evolve, the only thing that matters is the end result. Your WordPress site needs to be maintained duly, so any tactic that can contribute to the process is worth giving a try. Because eventually, the growth of your site depends on how well you have maintained it so far.


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