How to Select the Right SIP Trunking Provider


If you need a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking solution, maybe you are already searching on the internet for the best provider. One thing you will realise is that there are hundreds of companies out there you could work with, but the challenge is that you don’t know which ones are qualified for the job. It could prove tough trying to eliminate unreliable companies if you have never worked with any before. This guide takes you through the steps to follow that will help you select the right SIP trunking provider.

The first thing you should consider is reliability. With many SIP trunk service providers promising stellar services, you can look for a few areas that will tell you if indeed the companies possess the skills and tools to serve you. Check that the provider has the infrastructure necessary to ensure service is restored with no interruptions. This includes the availability of redundant hardware, several locations for uptime of at least 99.99%, and reliable internet connectivity. Hardware failure will interrupt your work and could be annoying if this happens often, and the response from the provider is not sufficient.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Although SLAs are not necessary, they serve as a promise from the company to the customer that they will commit to providing reliable services as promised in the sales process. In the technical sense, this agreement may not make sense, but it will be an excellent item to distinguish between committed and unreliable companies. Many companies provide a guarantee of 99.99% service uptime, and this shows they have worked on structuring their business to provide the most reliable service to customers.

Add-on features
Add-on features vary from one SIP provider to another. This could include basic features for some organisations, so depending on the needs, you have to ask about the services available. Such would consist of 411, call forwarding, email-to-fax, caller ID, texting, voicemail-to-email-transcription, auto attendant, and conference calling. Some providers list redundancy and related features among add-on services. This could be a red flag that shows you are working with a cut-rate company because you don’t need to pay more to access reliable phone services.


Customer support
Like with many other businesses, customer support is a crucial component that you should consider while looking for a SIP trunking providers. You will at times have questions that you want to be addressed. This could happen during business hours, or when you want to speak to an attendant in a weekend to solve a problem. Choose a provider that allows 24/7 communication, because this is not optional in a business perspective. Quality of support is also critical. Ensure the provider offers multiple support channels, has experienced support staff and provides digital troubleshooting tools.

Every SIP trunking provider is unique, and this is the reason you need to choose based on your needs. Vendor options vary from cut-rate organisations that provide incredible support and reliability, to best-of-the-class providers that have the best support staff and tools required. Choose a provider with the level of reliability your business wants and ensure to consider add-on features.



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