How Magento Extensions Helps In Order Management


In every e-commerce system, for a successful online retailer, the order management is one of the most important aspects. An accurate order management workflow not only helps your business to run smoothly but also, makes customers more likely to visit your website in future. But, its optimisation can really become a challenge if it’s not managed well. 

However, Magento order management extensions are there for your rescue. These extensions work as life-savior for your business. They help in simplifying the whole procedure by organizing the orders and making shipping run smoothly to keep the users customers in the loop on the status of their purchases. Here, we’ve compiled the best Magento extensions that will ease the order management and benefit your business. 



The customers play an important part in making every business successful. And, no matter what the reason is, it is very important for entrepreneurs to contact their customers (when necessary) efficiently, which can be done with ease using this extension. It lets you email your multiple consumers at once using the order and user-relevant variables in messaging. 

Language Translator

It’s one of the beneficiary extensions for the e-comm store owners, who prefer to have a multi-lingual store. It helps in translating the store language or content in any other language preferred by the audience. You can edit any part of your online store and reach a wider customer base. 


This extension helps you in customizing the users’ information, invoices along with other information. It eases the process of orders in bulk and keeping a track of information. It enables you to choose a custom order status and change the information of the suppliers along with providing the ability to change the order statuses in bulk. 


Whenever the visitors come to your site and make a purchase, they do as a guest if they’re not registered. However, if they like your products and do shopping on regular basis they might want to know the status of their purchase or history of the same before being a registered customer. And, that is what this extension does. It helps you assigning the guest orders to any registered user and send an email notification, detailing the guest order assignment.

FedEx Smart Shipping

This extension lets the online store retailers take care of the different aspects of the FedEx freight shipping right their own dashboard. It allows you to perform multiple functions including getting live shipping rates, validating addresses, managing the shipment tracking, arranging for the consignment pickups and multiple delivery options as well. Just install the plugin, configure settings and you’d be all set to run it. 


This extension helps you in becoming familiar with the bulk order processing as it focuses more on adding new mass actions to order the grid actions for enhancing the processing. It also lets users to have the access to create the invoices and shipments along with the ability to completing orders, changing the order status, tracking the numbers of the orders and much more for the multiple orders and that too, at the same time.

Smart Selector

This extension can be used to make improvements in the order management. Besides orders, the customer and product management is involved in its functionality. It enhances the default Magento options and offer them the ability to select large sets of products/orders and the customers in the admin panel. 

Custom Order Status

This module helps in extending the native number of the order statuses and simplifies the workflow if using multiple payment methodologies. It supports endless custom statuses and can be easily set for every payment procedure or it can use mass changes in the backed and execute the new statuses in the adding comment section as well. 

Extra Fee

Using this free module, you can easily develop the additional fees and extra charges within your online store. This extension offers support for extra payments for not only the products and categories but also, for sub-categories and shipping module. It lets you use both fixed value or percentage and fees can be mandatory or optional. 

Enhanced Order Filter

This extension is also helpful for the betterment of the order management as it enables SKU- and Name-based order search to simplify the usual order management activities. Apart from this, it also offers the multilingual supports and renders a detailed manual.

Evince Order Attachment

It is the extension that aims for customers. It lets your customers have the ability to attach memos for ordering during the checkout. Not only this, the admins also have the ability to check the supported files types for the attachments at the same time. 

And now, this comes to an end. These were few of the Magento order management extensions that can benefit your business. Lots of other extensions are also out there. It is advised you to always choose the best extension in order to properly optimize the order management with keeping your business needs in mind. 



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