5 Best Social Media Management Tools


Maintaining a robust reputation of your company is a very important part of good marketing strategy in this competitive world. The information on the various popular social media channels such as the Facebook, Twitter, MySpace spreads like the fire in the jungle. Any kind of negative feedback from the people can seriously dent the image and reputation of the company.

If you are an online business owner, then it is important that you must devote a major part of your attention towards managing your online reputation. Your competitions or the people through the various social media channels can quite easily spread negative feedback and opinions about your company with a simple click of a mouse.

As Google says: Your online identity determined not only by what you post, but also by what others post about you, whether it is a mention in a blog post, a photo tag, or a reply to a public status update.

It is important that businesses must realize the growing importance of social media and harness it not only to promote their products but also keep a tab on the social conversation to have a crystal-clear and positive online reputation.

Managing the reputation of your company on the different social media websites can be really a time consuming and overwhelming activity. It requires a considerable amount of time registering with the various social media channels, posting the pivotal news or information and replying to the unhappy customers to create a strong reputation of a brand online.

Managing all the accounts online at the regular intervals consumes a lot of hours and this means that you will not be able to concentrate on the important priorities of your business. Fortunately, there are some social media tools through which you quite easily post and reply on the online profiles in no time. The following are the effective tools that will help you to monitor your online reputation in a very hassle-free manner:

Whether you want to find new customers or you need a way to manage your existing audience, it’s important to have the right social media tools in place to keep your business running. As social media channels diversify and people turn more heavily toward this form of social media infographic, you’ll find more products available that can help you manage your online presence efficiently. Check out these tools that can increase your online success, starting with the beginner’s basics up through the expert’s instruments.

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a powerful to manage your social media campaigns. This one of a kind social media tool has enough potential to grab the entire gamut of social network inside its fist. You get to view, manage and monitor all your social networks, no matter how long the list of networks is, through one dashboard!

It supports major networking sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, WordPress etc. you can schedule your tweets or messages according to your requirements. You can integrate Facebook insights and other social media apps easily. The free version supports one account and five social profiles. Hootsuite Pro comes at $10 per month and allows you to add two user accounts and unlimited social profiles. This program is suitable for small and micro businesses. While you can manage your profiles from a single dashboard, the visual appearance is not appealing compared to other programs.

  1. Postling

Postling is another cheapest tool to manage multiple social channels and platforms from a single dashboard. It supports major social networking sites in addition to monitoring data from review sites. You can post images, videos, text and blog posts to all social sites and schedule them as well. Postling is $1 for a 30-day trial. The upgraded version requires $5 and support up to 5 social profiles. You can add more accounts by paying $3 for each account. It allows you to track and monitor keywords. iPhone app is available. Postling is perfect for businesses that are tight on budget.

  1. SocialSprout

SocialSprout is a powerful tool that brings your messages across all social platforms into a single inbox. It supports Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can efficiently respond, follow or retweet using this tool. iPhone and Android apps are available. You can take advantage of the Discovery feature that tells you whom to follow based on their activity levels. SocialSprout provides powerful analytics that can be exported to excel or PDF. This program comes with a 30-day free trial. After that, you need to pay $39 per month for one account and 10 social profiles. The price increases as you add user accounts and social profiles.

  1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck, as the name suggests, is a perfect tool to effectively manage your twitter accounts. Considering its popularity, Twitter has now purchased this application and offers it for free. While you manage Twitter accounts, you can integrate other social profiles as well. The interface is good. Using a single dashboard, you can check keyword searches, followers and other activities happening on the site. It shows messages from multiple accounts side by side. The new version requires more clicks to perform certain tasks.

  1. CrowdBooster

CrowdBooster is a social media analytical tool that tells you about behavioural trends of your audience. You can check what posts are popular, how your audience is reacting, what the best time to post is and whom to interact with. By analyzing your social media campaigns, you can improve conversion rates. The interface is intuitive. This program provides analytics in graphs, charts and visually appealing formats to help you understand them easily. You can schedule posts. The program sends a weekly summary of the campaign performance. However, analytics are not updated on real-time and does not offer keyword monitoring. It only supports Twitter and Facebook. CrowdBooster is free for one twitter account and one Facebook fan page. It charges $39 for 10 accounts and $99 for 30 accounts. Small businesses can take advantage of this program.


  1. I don’t understand what is open source about these. It seems to be services, there is no link in the article toward their website, and more importantly I did not find the sources.

    The first advantage of open source is to be able to modify (or pay some people to contribute) the software for our needs without waiting for the service provider to consider your demand. I do not see how to do it with any of these tools.


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