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Customers can run production-grade containers on any infrastructure

Cisco adds new support for the open source Kubernetes container orchestration platform in two of its upcoming software offerings.
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In response to the customer’s feedback, Cisco has unveiled support for Kubernetes in its AppDynamics application performance monitoring (APM) suite. The company has also unveiled Cisco CloudCenter 4.9 for Kubernetes.

Cisco CloudCenter was formerly called CliQr. It could securely deploy and manage applications in multiple environments, including on-premises and private and public clouds.

CloudCenter 4.9 is available immediately, while AppDynamics for Kubernetes will be available from May 9. The company’s embrace of the open source Kubernetes technology adds to its current support for other container platforms, such as Docker.

Cisco informed that the customers will now be able to run production-grade containers on any infrastructure through the combination of Cisco CloudCenter 4.9, Cisco Container Platform, and the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), part of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
In an official blog by Cisco’s Kurt Milne he said, “Features that make Kubernetes production-grade include automated roll-out and rollback, auto-scaling, and self-healing of containerized applications (among other things).”
Cisco CloudCenter and AppDynamics can be purchased as standalone subscription-based software offers, or bundled via the Cisco Multicloud Portfolio as Cloud Consume. Another option is to get them with Cisco HyperFlex through Cisco SmartPlay bundles.


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