Machine Learning: New Trend in 2018



In recent years we have seen how machine learning has transformed various industries. We have witness VR in video games, smart cities and IoT in medicine. We are closer to the realization of sci-fi concepts. Mentioned here are top machine learning trends for 2018.

1. Healthcare is one of the largest and important industries in the world. It has adopted latest technologies as it is concerned with lives of people. Due to machine learning and recent work in Big Data, scientists see a huge potential. It may help in curing various diseases like cancer. It can be achieved by analysing health history of the patient to understand the disease mechanism. It enables the healthcare providers to be proactive rather than reactive. Machine learning services look at this as a great opportunity. Also, more intelligent prostheses are emerging in this sector. It provides a significant number of opportunities for patients and doctors. These prostheses are now able to distinguish light, images, pressure etc. They are a great breakthrough in the field of healthcare.

Machine learning is giving rise to robot assistants. They can be used in different forms. It includes virtual nurses present in the smartphone. They are able to discover warning symptoms in the patients. They call for assistance, alarm doctors and monitor patients. They also send notifications in case there is any requirement. They have become an indispensable part of healthcare industry. It offers great opportunities for Mobile application development. More smart apps are coming in the market to assist doctors and patients. Machine learning provides great scope for scientists around the world to make healthcare system even more effective. It increases the efficiency of the system. It improves patient care and assists medical workers. Chances of a machine making a mistake is lesser than a human. This will shift the entire state of medicine to whole different level. It will revolutionize the healthcare system to benefit the patients.

2. Machine learning is quite helpful in dealing with Big Data. It helps in analysis and performing routine tasks that can be undertaken by the machine. Machine learning reduces the chances of errors. It also allows to build predictions that are based on previous data. There are predictive models which are used in predictive analytics. It will help in preventing fraud or anything like it, in the financial sector. Predictive analysis will assist companies to minimize their risks in coming future. It will help in estimating development and improving systems. Companies are interested in machine learning as it saves money. It also provides better analytics than in comparison with one provided by people. It is much more accurate and can easily build complex reports based on Big Data.

However, certain tasks will still be performed by the people. Still, the application of machine learning will make the financial sector more efficient and stable.

3. With the rise of machine learning, we will see more number of personal assistance like Cortana or Siri. They will enter the lives of the people to offer greater comfort. The simplest example is the introduction of chatbots that are getting more intelligent as well as complex. Owing to data analysis, the system can easily learn everything about the user behaviour and its patterns. It will be able to learn personal preferences and offer solutions based on this data. It will provide better service to the user using this information. A software development company can build customized applications to help marketers. Such assistants will allow them to build stronger and better relationships between the user and the product. It will also offer valuable data which can be used to run more effective and efficient marketing campaigns.

4. As discussed before, we will see increased usage of robots in the coming year. It will extend its range, not just medicine. We will witness intelligent drones, robots in manufacturing industries. Robotization is signalled as making lives of people better. It is taken as key component of futuristic development. However, there are concerns about robots replacing people at work. Still, the humans will be the operators and builders of robots, so that is just a false alarm. Robotization of industries will work effectively in IT industry too.

Machine learning is dedicated and aimed to simplify the lives of the people. It will improve work and efficiency of various industries benefitting people. There are few concerns regarding machine learning such as cybersecurity. But 2018 will see more technological advancement and application of machine learning. It is essential to hire a developer to meet this growing demand for machine learning enabled devices. There will be a requirement of more intelligent systems which can be created by these developers. It opens up new avenues for development companies. Machine learning will shape the currently existing systems. It will impact various industries and make them more efficient and effective. Intelligent systems will make work easier for humans and lead to lesser errors.


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