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Open source Lightroom alternative for Windows users

Those who are looking for a cheaper alternative to Lightroom for managing and processing of raw photos, the free and open source software darktable is now finally available for Windows users.
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Photographers have been using ‘darktable’ on Mac and Linux based systems since its release in 2009. Now, after 8 years, ‘darktable’ has been officially ported to Windows in its new version 2.4.0. It is a software that contains a set of photo editing features that helps you do non-destructive post-processing on raw files, especially in large batches.

For quite some time photographers have been requesting windows build. The project has refrained from venturing into Windows due to a lack of people dedicated to maintaining it and keeping it alive. Recently, Peter Budai a developer brought new hope for Windows users.

In the announcement by ‘darktable’, proudly shares its intent to support it in the future too. The release also highlighted few missing features such as there is no printing support. For tethering you require special drivers to be installed, and it comes with its own set of bugs (TIFF import and export doesn’t support non-ASCII characters in file names).

In addition to a Windows build, darktable version 2.4.0 brings a host of improvements including new module for haze removal, undo support for masks, intelligent grouping of undo steps, and more.   Read more…


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  • Ingenity says:

    Darktable is a very good tool. I’ve been using it in place of Lightroom for about 7 years now. The hardest things about this tool is convincing my Mac friends to use it ;)
    Going to Git me the latest version.


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