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Apple Releases open sourced ‘Turi Create’ for mobile app developers

From a desktop computer running macOS, Linux, or Windows, 'Turi Create' allows users to apply several machine learning algorithms, including classifiers, regression, graph analytics (PageCount, K-Core decomposition, triangle count); clustering (K-Means, DBSCAN); and topic models.
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Good news, you don’t have to be a machine learning expert to add recommendations, object detection, image classification, or activity classification to your app. Thanks to the recent released from Apple. Turi Create, an open source package makes it easy for mobile app developers to infuse machine learning into their products with just few lines of code.


The software automates the application of the algorithms to a variety of input data, including text, images, audio, video, and sensor data. Apple claims that now users can work with large data sets with a single machine.


Turi Create handles various aspects of the machine learning process. Apple reportedly paid around $200 million for Turi and its machine learning software and expertise back in 2016. The Turi influence on Apple’s software first surfaced this June with Core ML, a new machine learning library that enables software developers to incorporate Apple’s machine learning technology into iOS apps.              Read more…


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