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Amazon extends support to Facebook and Microsoft

With Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon all-in on the idea of open-source AI platforms, it looks like ONNX is the path forward.
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Amazon has announced its ONNX-MXNet package to import Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) deep learning models into Apache MXNet. It signifies the company’s support to Facebook and Microsoft in efforts to open-source artificial intelligence (AI).

With the ONNX-MXNet Python package, developers running models based on open source ONNX will be able to run them on Apache MXNet. Basically, this allows AI developers to keep models but switch networks, as opposed to starting from scratch.

It has become increasingly evident that the future of AI needs more than just ethical direction and government oversight. It’d be comforting to know tech giants are on the same page. The machines, and the humans who will rely on them, need the biggest companies building AI to take on a fair share of responsibility for the future.   Read more…


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