Three ways students can utilise cloud computing

Students relying on cloud

Students relying on cloud

Over the last decade, the college experience has dramatically evolved and become more and more advanced. Students no longer need to be confined to the classroom — thanks to the online master of science in finance degree programs and similar, while technological advancements have made it easier than ever before for young learners to keep up with their work, revise, research and get the best results. By putting the ever-growing array of technological tools to use, students today can learn more quickly and effectively than ever before. Cloud computing is helping a lot on this avenue by letting technologically savvy students put themselves at an even bigger advantage. Here are some of the best ways in which students can leverage cloud computing to achieve college success.

File sharing

Whether you are studying for a traditional campus-based programme or taking your master of finance online from Northeastern University, cloud computing can be an excellent tool when it comes to working on team projects. Thanks to applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud, it has become much easier to share files with others or collaborate on projects together. Since updates provided by anyone with access to the file can be made in real-time without worrying about sending the document back and forth, file sharing has become uncomplicated. For group projects, this can be the perfect option since it saves time and allows you to see the changes that are being made straight away.



While studying for your college degree, chances are that you have a lot of important files that you will need to keep hold of. If you were to lose a big presentation file or an important essay, it could seriously mess up your degree program. Similarly, if you have spent a lot of time working on something, only for it to go missing due to a problem with your laptop’s hard drive, for example, then there’s a big risk of you having to start it all over again. With the cloud adoption, students now have access to an easy and secure backup service; saving all your work in the cloud means that regardless of what happens to your device, you will now be able to easily access everything that you need from any device with an internet connection.

Time management

When it comes to succeeding with your college degree, good time management is essential. With so much going on in terms of lectures and classes, work experience, exams, presentations and assignment deadlines, it is important for students to have a solid plan in place for managing their time and making sure that everything is done in order and punctually. Cloud computing can assist with this in several ways. For example, scheduling your calendar with your college timetable will allow you to have reminders sent straight to your smartphone, tablet or laptop to let you know when you need to start working on a big project. Alternatively, if you meet up with a group to study, there are apps that you can use to easily schedule the best times and places to meet. All this is possible right through the cloud.

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