Latest Linux 4.13 release candidate brings tons of improvements



A week after launching the third release candidate of Linux 4.13, Linus Torvalds has now brought its fourth release candidate (RC4). The latest release is full of improvements and tweaks to deliver a more stable experience to programmers than the previous build.

“So RC3 [the third release candidate of Linux 4.13] was smaller than usual, and now RC3 is a bit bigger than usual,” writes Torvalds in a mailing list announcement.

The Finnish-American software engineer defines that the initial changes in the latest release candidate are related to the networking experience on the new Linux kernel. These changes had missed the last release candidate but finally made way to the new build.

Changes to media files

The new Linux release also includes some media changes to the available Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files and updates to the AMDGPU graphics driver for AMD Radeon GPUs as well as some tweaks to the EXT4 file system. Linux developers have also be provided with a few scai fixes and necessary changes for supported architectures.

You can download the latest RC build of Linux 4.13 by visiting the official site. If testing is not your purpose, you can wait for the public release of the new kernel version. That would be out sometime next month.



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