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LinkedIn’s open source iOS UI testing tool can run parallel tests

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LinkedIn has released its tool for UI testing for the open source community. Called Bluepill, the latest development works as an integrated solution to help iOS developers run multiple simulators on a single machine.

Bluepill promises three releases per day to developers. It is built on the 3×3 philosophy is capable of running parallel tests in simulated environments. It works on both the stability and scalability of a traditional iOS tooling solution.

“Bluepill has saved LinkedIn thousands of developer hours, and we believe it can also provide a great benefit to anyone running iOS UI tests at scale,” LinkedIn software engineer Keqiu Hu says in a statement.

Unlike Xcode iOS simulator that is known to fail during testing. Bluepill is designed to offer optimum stability while performing tests. The open source tool is based on Apple’s private framework CoreSimulator.

CoreSimulator features

You can use all the major features of CoreSimulator on Bluepill. This includes device simulators of various types, choose runtime versions and handle notifications from the simulator.

CoreSimulator separates Bluepill from Xcode simulators to help developers run tests in parallel. It also enables customisation on the testing environment.

LinkedIn’s Bluepill is available under BSD-2 license. You can access its binaries and source code from a GitHub repository.

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