US launches open source repository

US open source repository

US open source repository

The US has finally taken a big step for the open source world and launched its website. The new move is aimed to offer the code of federal government’s software to all the citizens.

Hot on heels of the release of the Federal Source Code Policy, the launch of is aimed to digital tools developed by the US government. The online repository already includes nearly 50 open source projects from over ten agencies. This would grow over time. Also, the Barack Obama-led government is set to provide tools and support to agencies to implement its code policy.

“It is a step we took to help Federal agencies avoid duplicative custom software purchases and promote innovation and cross-agency collaboration. And it is a step we took to enable the brightest minds inside and outside of government to work together to ensure that Federal code is reliable and effective,” writes US chief information officer Tony Scott, in a blog post.

The US is considering that its will become a “useful resource” for government bodies as well as developers looking to build their offerings on the government’s code. This comes as an upgrade to the messaging bot which Obama launched last month.

Open source everywhere

Not just in the US but open source is influencing governments and authorities all across the globe. Last month, Russia showed its favour for open source software by reducing its dependencies on US software vendors like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. The Indian government is also in development to launch a repository in the coming future.



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