Why you should choose Agile for your next mobile app development project

Agile methodology

Agile methodology

Have you ever played a jigsaw puzzle? Remember how one piece fits perfectly into the other and makes it complete? In a similar way, mobile application development works with Agile methodology. Wondering how? Consider this.

A user uninstalls your app and downloads some other one to get a user-friendly feel. Why wouldn’t he keep on using your app? It is simple. You have failed him. You have failed his trust that he bestowed upon you while signing up. So there you go. Your app becomes incapable of serving your user’s needs and boom! That was your lifespan. Hard to believe but even a common housefly has a life of four weeks.

So, what was so incredibly wrong with your approach? You had a good take-off and but not a perfect landing. The thing which you lacked is a vision for sustainability and the same might have resulted from flawed processes during your app’s development. This is where Agile application development fits into the puzzle.


What is Agile methodology?

Agile is defined as the process of software development using incremental iterations to achieve a high-quality, sustainable product. Agile takes into account a lot of parameters which includes self-organisation, adaptability, leadership and accountability. All of this together with effective communication between stakeholders and developers results in a product which is far better than the one developed using traditional approaches like ‘Waterfall’ model.

What are the major issues faced during mobile development?

Mobile applications target a group of audience who is very different from that of a website. Apart from having a user-friendly interface, the app should cater to all the demands of its users. While charting out a roadmap for mobile application development, you might face these challenges:

  • Varied interests and demands of different users of the app
  • Product features prioritization by client
  • Business-driven timeline for development
  • Fast download
  • Different operating platforms and different service providers
  • Bug-free and easily updateable
  • Doesn’t take a toll on battery life

How Agile methodology provides an implementable solution to these issues?

If there are ten similar apps available, it is evident that the user will not download all of them. He will always prefer the one which provides him an enriching experience and a solution to all his problems.

Here’s how Agile helps you deliver a quality solution and get a coveted click on the ‘Download’ button:

  • Agile development methods allow for a lot of scope for changes and readjustments throughout the life-cycle of product development.
  • It provides a continuous evaluation cycle where end-user gives regular feedback.
  • Milestones are delivered to the stakeholders after a fixed cycle so that they see tangible progress.
  • Agile methodology helps in pushing frequent updates with enhancements or bug fixes for a superior user experience.

Mobile applications are different from their website version in terms of usage, design and development. It is very absurd to think that users will adjust to any half-baked efforts. If you wish for a stronghold in the marketplace, your app needs to meet the goals of the end-user. Customer behaviors will keep changing, and you have to keep evolving to meet those requirements.

The good thing is that Agile methodology can help you turn those grey ratings into golden stars. Moreover, the combination of Agile and mobile development is indeed a perfect match.



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