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5 Android apps that let you enable multiple user accounts

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Multiple user accounts using Android apps

Currently, you can only comment once on your favorite messaging app or amicable networks, even when you are using two SIM networks on the same mobile device. You cannot by default register dual WhatsApp, WeChat, Clash of Clan or Facebook accounts. But it is possible to live in two worlds by using a third-party Android app on your phone that will favor creating two accounts. Some apps are there to let you switch between accounts without logging out from one. You can tap on few screens and move directly into the second user account.

Android apps to manage multiple user accounts

You will find many apps supporting the dual experience in some app stores, but here we are listing some of the best-reviewed apps. The apps listed below include some that will require you to base the phone first in the sequence.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space lets you move around between two accounts on the same device with only a tap. You can log in with different credentials to twin chat accounts or mixed amicable accounts. Notably, you can create twin accounts on Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat among others.


Parallel Space app consumes only 2MB of space on your smartphone and allows you to share mixed videos/photos in all accounts. It also enables opening up twin gaming accounts and lets you use them side by side. Additionally, the app keeps a strong security of your privacy


The app does not allow staying online on twin accounts simultaneously. It drains some amount of the battery soon after installation. Also, you might have compatibility issues with some app crashing


Just like Parallel Space, you can use 2Accounts to log in to twin accounts on the same device. You can toggle between the multiple accounts with just a tap. The app supports creating twin accounts on Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+ and WeChat.


2Accounts enables you to keep the data storage of the twin accounts separate. The app supports 99 percent of tip games available on the Play Store. It also provides you strong security to your information and real-time notifications for the latest updates.


You will not receive notifications when the app is closed. Due this issue, some of the WhatsApp messages are also not delivered smoothly. Some users also receive a message of “usage access accede inessential” notification.

Multi Accounts

Multi Accounts enables its users to use two accounts on the same device, while keeping the user logged in to both the accounts. The app supports mixed log in credentials on networks such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat and Line and games like Clash of Clans.


The app keeps data history of all the accounts logged in to. It also offers a simple and easy user interface and is suitable for devices that allow double SIM usage.


There are some compatibility issues on non-rooted devices as the app requires Android base entrance.

2 Lines for Whazzap

2 Lines for Whazzap enables logging into twin user accounts on the same device just like other apps listed above. It does require base permission and therefore, it is important that you secure your phone before installing the app.


The app keeps a record of your entire data and offers great support to the phone with two SIM networks. It also provides a settlements clause for security as well as enables you to switch between personal and work profiles.


2 Lines for Whazzap is one of the best available apps, but it still annoys with some in-app pop-ups.

App Cloner

App Cloner app enables cloning of your existing apps that allows us to use multiple accounts and not only two. It keeps your data protected even when a strange app gets updated on your phone and supports various social networks including Facebook, Skype, Twitter and others.


App Cloner enables you to switch between different accounts. Additionally, the app allows you to change the name and color of the clones apps and provides you a way to add cue insurance to cloned apps.


The app misses out on a few support features for the IM platforms.

There are many multiple account manager apps available on Google Play Store. But the above mentioned apps provide you ease in managing multiple accounts.

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