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Proprietary software is usually costly and its source code is known only to the company that produces and markets it. Open source software is …

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In a conversation with Jagmeet Singh of OSFY, Atul Saini, CEO, Fiorano, revealed how the enterprise software market is evolving, with a mix of …

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Developing mobile apps is fun, but developing apps for different mobile operating systems, individually, is a chore! An easy way out is to use …

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The White House has released the draft of its Source Code Policy that sets out rules regarding sharing of customised software among federal agencies. …


Microsoft releases an open source OS which can be downloaded from Microsoft’s Azure GitHub repository. Microsoft has released the source code for an open-sourced …


The Indian Government must adopt open source but must ensure that a firm support system is in place before its adoption. The government’s decision …

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OpenStack, an open source private cloud solution, can be tremendously useful for enterprise applications. However, deploying and managing OpenStack clouds and their underlying infrastructure …