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Contiki is an operating system with a focus on low power IoT devices. Cooja is the Contiki network simulator. Cooja allows the large and …

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LXC or Linux Containers is virtualisation at the operating system level, which can be used to run multiple isolated containers or Linux systems on …

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Real-time operating systems (RTOS) are designed for real-time applications such as embedded systems, industrial robots, scientific research equipment and others. Read on to discover …


The latest version of Ubuntu is powered by Linux kernel 4.2.1 and systemd 225 Canonical has announced the release of final beta of upcoming …

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This article explains the use of Postfix as a mail transfer agent to relay mails using Gmail. In this article, lets explore how to …


This article describes the advantages of using the Android Run Time (ART) over Dalvik VM in Android devices. Android [4.4] KitKat users must have …


This introduction to Hadoop will tell you how to install and configure it in Windows. The prerequisites, the associated software and other requirements are …

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