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The source code of infamous Mirai botnet that recently brought a notable 620 Gbps denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is now live online. This new development …

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Clonezilla is back-up and restore software that is a powerful alternative to Symantec’s famous, yet expensive, commercial software Norton Ghost. Do you often format …

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Last month, we learnt about the technical components that form rootkits. We also discussed why and how rootkits are dangerous, and briefly explored a …


In this part of the series, we focus on DoS/DDoS attacks, which have been among the major threats to Web servers since the beginning …


In today’s fast-changing IT world, even the best available security is insufficient for the latest vulnerabilities in various products, and against malware/attacks created to …

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The NTop tool is a network traffic monitoring tool that shows network usage, similar to what the popular top command does. This article explains …