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LFY February 2012

The 9th Anniversary Special. Key Highlights: Top 10 Android Phones, Top 10 Security Vulnerability Scanners, Top 11 Open Source Applications For Daily Use, Top 5 Open Source Tools For Windows, Easy Tips: How To Deploy Kinect Sensor with Linux… and a lot more!


This article is not so much about trying out any software as about the need we all feel for reliable care-givers for the elderly …

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This piece corrects the confusion created by mainstream media between “hacker” and “cracker”. It also considers the history, nature, attributes, ethics and attire of …


Modern data centres deploy firewalls and managed networking components, but still feel insecure because of crackers. Hence, there is a crucial need for tools …

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We often read about defaced websites whose pages get changed to some malicious content. How do hackers do it and how do we protect …