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The companies that are drawing value from data of all sizes and forms as well as storing and processing it are increasing day-by-day. The …

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Apache Flume is a service for streaming logs into Hadoop. It is a distributed and reliable service for efficiently collecting, aggregating and moving large …

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Big Data now means big business. The world is constantly accumulating volumes of raw data in various forms such as text, MP3 or Jpeg …

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This introduction to Hadoop will tell you how to install and configure it in Windows. The prerequisites, the associated software and other requirements are …

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The FOSS appeal seems to be growing. Industry pundits reveal that open source skills can be a great differentiator for aspiring tech candidates in …


Hadoop has become a central platform to store big data through its Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) as well as to run analytics on …


This article explains the new challenges in enterprise integration caused by the advent of big data, and presents some approaches to overcome them. Big …