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The author works with India's largest commercial automotive organisation, in the IT division. His technical interest is in the Networking, Information Security, Backup and Virtualisation domains. He is a FOSS follower, and spends most of his time learning Linux internals.

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Even in this multi-core era, traditional programming methods don’t take full advantage of multi-core systems. To do that, applications must use threads to execute …


DoS (Denial of Service) attacks against Web services make them unavailable for legitimate users, affecting the website owner’s potential business. These involve intentional consumption …


Today, performance is a pivotal point in the programming world. Programmers constantly strive to make their code run in fewer milliseconds. Performance analysis can …

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The Metasploit framework is well known in the realm of exploit development. It is a standalone tool for security researchers, penetration testers and IDS/IPS …