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The author is passionate about open source software and believes that FOSS is one of the most enduring ways to build flexible, scalable and feature-rich infrastructure platforms. He is focused on building solutions using Docker, Microservices, CoreOS and architectural patterns for distributed computing. He can be reached at [email protected] or

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Distributed network monitoring involves receiving performance reports about the state of the network from various locations in it, via different types of pollers. This …

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Every organisation keeps data. Over the last 50 years, electronic record-keeping, powered by Codd’s relational model, has become the foundation of the modern data …


This article offers readers some interesting hacker tips. The tutorial is on upgrading the openSuse 13.2 stock kernel to Linux Kernel 4.x. So go …


Elsewhere in this issue, the installation of Docker has been covered. This article deals with how Docker infrastructure can be monitored. Docker brings in …

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