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The author works at ISRO, Sriharikota, as a scientist engineer SD and has six years of industry experience. He is interested in real-time operating systems, controller redundancy mechanisms, networking, cyber forensics, database management systems and task automation with different levels of scripting and various open source technologies

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There’s nothing like a snazzy presentation to spruce up a talk or a lecture. The Impress Remote Android app turns your Android smartphone into …

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DOT is a simple, plain text language that can describe graphs which both humans and computers can use. It can be used to generate …


Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) mirrors block devices among multiple hosts. The replication is visible to other applications on the host systems. Block devices …

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This is an introduction to Go, an open source programming language that makes it easy for developers to build simple, reliable and efficient software. …


Variously described by its creators as the Swiss army knife of logging or the rocket-fast system for processing logs, Rsyslog offers great security features, …

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