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The author is a senior ‘Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff’ in Wipro. He is a senior technical consultant in the Java Technology Practices Group and can be reached at [email protected]

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Chef is the answer when managing dynamic infrastructure. It automates how applications are configured, deployed and managed across your network, irrespective of its size. …


Continuing with our series on Chef, we take a look at cookbook creation, knife tool usage for recipe templates and a case study on …

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The previous article in DevOps Corner gave an overview of Chef and the procedure to set up a basic sandbox environment with Chef Server. …


Using cloud services today has become a convenience. An integrated development environment (IDE) facilitates the development of apps. The authors of this article have …


This article, which features chefs, recipes and knives, isn’t about cooking in the kitchen. It heralds a new series of articles in the Dev-ops …

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