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The author is a freelance writer and hands-on mum, currently based in Singapore. She likes to write on technology, business, cuisine, culture, and the many other things that crowd her wonderful life.

Gone are the days when open source was a concept that applied mainly to the arts and software. Today, open source fires innovation in …

Open hardware helps sort out many issues that hamper the advance of robotics in India — the lack of advanced components, insufficient know-how to …

Open source software and standards are not just beneficial, but highly essential for a heterogeneous, shared and scalable environment such as the “cloud”. What’s …

Two months after the launch of Fedora 12, we spoke to Paul Frields, Fedora Project Leader at Red Hat, about how this release has been received by the community, and what is in store for the next. Though it started as a technical discussion on what Fedora 12 offers IT admins and developers, it graduated into a more serious conversation on the relationship between Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and the distinction (if any) between commercial and community Linux.